Clicking away in Chapel Hill at Lantern

WHERE: Lantern

423 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516


WHEN: This is a DINNER spot. Open only 6 days a week

Monday – Saturday from 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Sunday Close

WHO: Chef/Owner Andrea Reusing

Won a James Beard Award for Best Chef SouthEast 2011

HOW: Call

WHAT: Lantern local pasture-raised pork and chive dumplings

Duck and duck crackling spring rolls with scallions and brandy hoisin

Salt and pepper shrimp – wild shrimp with crispy shells, fried jalapenos,
coriander and sea salt

Steamed wild striped bass with seared ginger, scallions, fermented black beans, green chiles, steamed baby bok choy and jasmine rice

Tea and spice smoked White Oak Pastures chicken with yang chow pork
and shrimp fried rice, braised local greens and housemade XO sauce…That will be the picture on the top of this page. I voted it, my favorite.

Fried whole North Carolina fish with chiles, garlic, tamarind, fresh lime leaf,
carrot salad and jasmine rice

Steamed native persimmon pudding with cognac cream, L’Hoste candied kumquats and local pecans

Hot chocolate cake with malted High Rock Farm chestnut ice cream

WHY: If you are looking for authentic Asian, this place is more Asian Fusion.

7 thoughts on “Clicking away in Chapel Hill at Lantern

      • Yes there are some, but they don’t look so inviting. There is one that has recently open and is a sister restaurant of Saga, I posted about it this week. We are going to have lunch there tomorrow, so hopefully they will have something similar!

      • I can’t wait to see your post about it. I always amazed by the Chinese or some other Asian restaurants in the South Africa. They seems to be the best mixed of spices and else. Even tough I have to admit that it’s kinda trilled to observed the wait staffs who look Asian but spoke fluent Spanish. I’m actually envy at them especially the Chinese. The most speaking languages on both side of the glob spoken by one person.

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