Clicking away in Charlotte at Good Food on Montford


WHERE: Good Food on Montford

1701 Montford Dr., Charlotte, North Carolina, 28209


WHEN: This is a DINNER spot. Open only 6 days a week

Monday – Thursday from 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday from 5:30pm – 11:00pm

Sunday Close

HOW: Call

WHAT: Falafel /cucumber tomato relish & Greek yogurt sauce

Crispy quail lettuce wrap /marinated cucumber, Asian pear & chili

Smoked and confit lamb belly /French green lentils & braised kale

Korean beef /crispy rice & scallion kimchi

Prince Edward Island mussels /green curry, coconut milk & cilantro

Fried oysters /black bean salad & roasted pepper aioli

Garganelli /house italian sausage, toasted garlic & tomato

Braised duck fettuccini /pancetta, peas & sweet onion cream

Haricot Vert /sesame & soy

Macadamia nut pie /banana ice cream & caramel

Pumpkin cake /cheesecake ice cream & cranberry sauce

This is the restaurant.

2 Comments on “Clicking away in Charlotte at Good Food on Montford”

  1. Dear Miranti! You look very slim and petite – do you actually eat all the above yummies?! :D Fantastic spread. Everyday looks like a celebration! To the good life!

    • Miranti says:

      I actually did. The dishes are small and I was there with my husband and I exercise quite a bit (so I can eat some more…lol).

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